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Download Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 Der praktische Einstieg: So erstellen Sie Ihre eigene Website

Uses of dreamweaver in multimediaAdding Video: Videos can beadded to web page in different ways and formats. Videos can bedownloaded to user or it can be streamed so that it plays while itis downloading. The video formats commonly used are AVI,MPEG &MOV. The most common streaming formats for transmission of videosare RealMedia, QuickTime and Windows Media .

Download Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 Der praktische Einstieg

Uses of dreamweaver in multimediaShockwave Movies: Shockwave,the Macromedia standard for interactive multimedia on the web is acompressed format that allows media files created in MacromediaDirectory to be downloaded and played by most popular browsers. 2ff7e9595c

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